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Any and all of the contents in the DyDo DRINCO IR web site (hereinafter "this web site") are not meant to induce the purchase or sale of the DyDo DRINCO stocks. Nor has the web site been created for the purpose of investment advice on these matters. DyDo DRINCO cannot in any way guarantee the contents of this or other web sites linked to this web site. Furthermore, this company cannot take any responsibility for damages sustained due to mistaken information or downloaded data. In addition, any plans, strategies and beliefs that appear in this web site are perspective views of future performance at the time of preparation. They have been composed through decisions made by DyDo DRINCO executives based on currently available data and, thus, take into account risks pertaining to fluctuations in the business environment and uncertain factors. For these reasons, actual business results may differ largely from the perspective outlooks. Therefore, please use your own judgment when making investment decisions.